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Bravium Services Token

Boost Your
Platform Governance

Our services will help you realize the value of the Bravium Labs product suite through a personalized selection of key activities.

Our goal is to ensure you and your team receive quality support and a seamless transition to our product suite by providing you with world-class services. Our team is here to serve as an extension to yours.

Climb the Ramp to ServiceNow Success

We aim to implement a comprehensive technical government process that will deliver capabilities on your ServiceNow platform and ensure a high-quality, consistent experience for your teams. With a pre-determined number of hours, your team can focus on specific areas of improvement by selecting any of the key activities and areas below.


Bravium will work directly with your team to understand the configurations necessary to meet the needs of your instance. 


Bravium will provide tailored user training to meet educate your staff on how the Best Practice Engine and what is required in their role.


 Bravium will create new definitions, or modify existing definitions, to comply with your unique development processes.


Bravium will review and resolve the technical debt
identified by the Best Practice Engine, confirm the scope of the changes, and then conduct the remediation development updates needed.

Continuous Improvement


Our team of experts will ensure that your instance is set to continuously improve. These additional key activities will leave a lasting mark whose effects will maximize your ROI and be felt throughout your organization.


Governance Council

Bravium will work with you to establish a governance council that provides oversight for your development best practices.


Architecture  Review

Bravium will review your ServiceNow architecture to ensure the structure of your ServiceNow Development meets best practices and align to out-of-box
best practices.


BPE Exception Management and Oversight

Bravium will review your team BPE
code exceptions and provide recommendations as part of the build cycle.


Code Reviews

Bravium will conduct regularly defined code reviews to ensure
development quality is maintained, and exceptions are managed.

Want to learn more about our services?

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