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Customer Stories


Brian Kelly, Toyota Motor Sales

The first month with the product we used Bravium BPE to drive 50% better transactional performance during working hours. This product should be considered a core element for managing a ServiceNow Instance. It ensures best practices helps train new developers on your instance and the platform. 1 or 100 developers, Bravium Best Practice engine, is about consistency and awareness without another integration. Now on 3.1.


Robert Darnall, FleetCor Technologies Inc

This product is essential for any size business, any size instance, or anyone wanting consistency in their code. As a large business having changed coding staff several times, I wish I had this tool earlier to have had consistent rules in place during transitions. What I like most is the real-time validation, preventing the use of deprecated methods, and things that will make future upgrades more difficult.


Jessica Bannash, Accenture Federal Services

This product is a must have! This product provides excellent insight in to ServiceNow best practice violations and allows you to configure your own rules specific to your organization. If you are looking to standardize your development best practices across any organization this is the application for you. This application greatly reduced the time needed for manual tasks such as technical assessments and code reviews which in turn, reduced time to deploy code to production.

utah dts.png

Ryan Thorstensen,

State of Utah Dept of Technology

This is a great product. Our developers get immediate feedback and guidance on the scripts they write. This helps reduce the workload for tech leads who spend time doing code reviews. It helps promote an objective standard for all team members to measure their code against and reduces disagreements about coding approaches.

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