Best Practice Engine V3.1

Best Practice Engine v3.1 includes redesigned dashboard access, new real-time controls, 29 new definitions, and various bug and dashboard fixes. As we discussed in our December 2019 Customer Town Hall meeting (click here to view the meeting recording), there is a very important new change that will effect you when you upgrade your Best Practice Engine. **Please review the following carefully.**

Dashboard Access

With Version 3.1, access to the BPE dashboard is now streamlined with the use of three new roles. One for each section of the dashboard:

  • x_brni_bpe.dashboard_developer​

  • x_brni_bpe.dashboard_team_lead​

  • x_brni_bpe.dashboard_executive

Dashboard access is now given with these roles exclusively. One thing to note is that after a role is newly assigned, a logout/login is required for the role to be effective. Team configuration remains the same except you can now use a combination of users and/or groups to build your team. The Team Lead configurations can be found on the BPE Properties page > Team Leads related list.


Since we are overhauling the way dashboard access is given, the old way of access no longer works in this version. We are giving you the option to preserve your existing portal users during time of upgrade. The two paths of upgrade are:

Real-Time Controls

We have added two new configurable fields for finer control over real-time behavior. These fields are located on the Best Practice Properties page > General tab and will assist companies with phasing or rolling out Best Practice Engine across their enterprise. The first new field is “Real Time Message Visibility”. This field allows you to designate who will see real-time violation messages. The choices are: All users, Only users with role best_practice_user, and Disabled. The second new field is “Enforce Real Time Validation”. This field allows you to turn on or off the enforcement of violation correction. When set to true: in order to save a record, you must correct all violations that are level Error or Warning. When set to false: real-time messages will still be displayed but saving will not be prevented.

New Definitions

Included with v3.1 are 29 new Best Practice definitions. After upgrade, you can review these definitions by opening the Best Practice Definitions list and applying the filter “Number” “greater than or is” “brni_BPE10248” “AND” “Number” “starts with” “brni”.

Bug Fixes

As always, we stay on top of any bugs and unexpected behaviors reported or found. This release contains a number of these fixes to give customers the best possible experience using Best Practice Engine.

Background: A few customers on v3.0.1 reported the inability to add their license key on the Best Practice Properties page.

Resolution: A faulty write ACL has been corrected in v3.1 release.

Background: During an instance scan, dashboard data is empty.

Resolution: The dashboard now loads the latest, complete Summary Scan record.

Background: Some customers reported duplicate numbers on BPE numbered tables which caused reporting issues on the dashboard. The issue is that after a clone, BPE could not preserve the number counter.

Resolution: We no longer use the number counter table. BPE now derives the next highest number when a numbered record is created.

Background: Dashboard donut charts do not recalculate when sections are deselected.

Resolution: The donut charts have been updated to recalculate the total when a category, for example, is deselected.

These updates are in effort to continuously improve the way we positively impact the instances of our customers. If you are a customer or SerivceNow professional, please send us your feedback via our Contact Us page and we would be eager to discuss. If you are not a customer yet, use the same Contact Us page to learn how to become a customer today!

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