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Upgrade Assistant

Make ServiceNow Upgrades Easy

Designed specifically to accelerate the ServiceNow upgrade process, making it a better and safer experience for all customers

Don't wait for problems to arise. Work smarter using Upgrade Assistant to

proactively plan, execute, and maintain your upgrades, protecting the quality of your instance.

Tired of running into problems during your upgrades?

Upgrades in ServiceNow are crucial. However, the repercussions some organizations face from upgrading can arguably negate the benefits of upgrading at all. Things like broken customizations and disregarded feature skips from past upgrades attack the health of your instance. But upgrading in ServiceNow doesn't have to be a horror story or difficult decision for platform owners. Customers simply require powerful tools, like the newly released Upgrade Assistant from Bravium Labs, to accelerate the quality of their ServiceNow instance. Use UA to immediately learn about your instance and gain prescient insight on the performance of every ServiceNow upgrade to come.



Upgrade Assistant first helps you to understand your instance better. Identify critical metrics which were previously unknown and learn how they effect your instance as a whole. The Instance Overview tab does just this by calculating a Customization Score, displaying your primary database size, highlighting OOB files modified, and more.



Perform your ServiceNow upgrade with confidence. Our tools help you avoid necessary reactive processes by keeping you proactive as you prepare and execute important upgrades. Comprehend what is happening within an upgrade and how it will effect your instance in its current form.



Assess previous upgrade actions within your instance using our Upgrade Review tab. UA will walk you through every impacted element of the instance from the upgrade and ensure you document the process to better inform future upgrades with the Notes feature.


The 3U's Framework

for Upgrading in ServiceNow

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Key Features

upgrade score.PNG

Upgrade Score

Calculate your Upgrade Score based on the changes allowed and skips made in your current version.

Upgrade Files

Quickly visualize the number of successful changes, new files, and skips made in each upgrade.

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Skip Management

Understand the number of feature skips that you have review, put under review, and are new.

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