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Govern Your ServiceNow Instance From Home with BPE

During these challenging times, we understand how the work-from-home culture may disrupt your normal day-to-day operations as a development team.  The standard check-ins you have had with your team in the past are different now and quality is impacted. 

What can you do to ensure that your team is adhering to the same development guidelines and best practices for your ServiceNow Instance?

The answer is the Best Practice Engine.

With over 215 out-of-box best practices, the Best Practice Engine (BPE) uses ServiceNow-documented recommendations to provide guardrails to your developers' work.  When a developer saves their code updates, BPE will instantly scan the code and notify them if there is a best practice violation.  This can help you avoid technical debt and issues that will impact your overall timeline.

Use BPE nowand take a proactive stance in monitoring the development and progress of your team today, no matter where you are and no matter where they are!

Learn more about the product on our Best Practice Engine page!

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