Optimize your resources with the best in DevOps automation 

The Best Practice Engine© is the answer.

The Best Practice Engine© (BPE) is an automated code analyzer for ServiceNow that enables you to identify issues in your instance in real time, reduce defects in your code, and speeds up your development efforts. BPE allows you to proactively monitor and control the development activities to improve the quality of your system and support ongoing efforts to optimize the system over time.

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Brian K, Toyota Motor Sales USA

The first month with the product we used Bravium BPE to drive 50% better transactional performance during working hours.

Will C, ReliaSource Inc.

 As a team lead, I feel more confident my instance is in good hands with BPE running since it is always analyzing my teams' coding practices.

Ryan T, Utah Department of Technology Services

It helps promote an objective standard for all team members to measure their code against and reduces disagreements about coding approaches.

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