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How we got to BPE V4.0!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

In October of 2021, customers of our flagship ServiceNow product might have realized a small difference in the version they will update to. In addition to excellent new features, Best Practice Engine’s (BPE) version naming has jumped ahead from V3.7 to V4.0! The advance to 4.0 was a carefully considered response by our team to the increasing power being pumped in to BPE.

To clarify the move to 4.0, it is important to understand Best Practice Engine's beginnings. In 2017, BPE was constructed and release for the first time on the ServiceNow Store with the mission of ending a need for manual code review processes that were tedious and mundane. With BPE, ServiceNow developers not only reduce the time they spend on manual code reviews, but also take a step further ahead of errors to utilize the powerful real-time functionality that was newly provided by BPE.

Upon realizing its tremendous potential, one of the very first features that was prioritized for development in V1.0 was Best Practice Engine's real-time scanning capability for ServiceNow. This functionality provides live feedback to developers as they write and save code, giving the potential for organizations to save thousands in technical debt. Real-time in BPE has come quite a long way from where it began. What once served a basic level of guidance to a ServiceNow developer now offers over 240 ServiceNow documented best practices, which are scanned for as they write code simultaneously.

3.7 -> 4.0?

The question remains, why go from Best Practice Engine V3.7 to V4.0? Clearly something momentous has to be happening to the product to force a step like this in the version name. As with every release that our team works on, there is a story that we want to tell through the features and improvements we make. In this case, our work on V4.0 prioritized updates to BPE’s real-time capability, which stands as one of the most valuable tools provided in BPE based on customer feedback. Customers should use the following link to our support page to enable the new real-time features here.

We haven't stopped at just improving our real-time prowess. Additional details regarding the comprehensive list of improvements can be found on our website, or by clicking here.

While each and every quarterly release we provide is valuable and important for the progress of the product, the features and improvements that V4.0 brings will enable our users to leverage the incredible real-time capability of BPE! To learn more about Best Practice Engine and how to start benefiting from its real-time features, reach out to our team here to schedule a demo and receive a free product trial.

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