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What is Built on Now and Why is it Important?

Where does it come from

In May of 2020, ServiceNow announced a new designation for natively developed ServiceNow applications sold on the ServiceNow Store called Built On Now. Receiving this designation is a testament to a select number of apps on the store to help potential customers distinguish which apps are just being sold for ServiceNow and which apps are Built On Now. So what is the significance of being hailed a Built On Now product?

What is the definition

A Built On Now application is defined as “A scoped application that is built on the ServiceNow platform and can be wholly distributed from one ServiceNow instance to another as a scoped application.” In short, ServiceNow users benefit from Built On Now apps because it enables a single login and their role-based access to an instance. In other words, one BON app can be plug and play from one instance to another. When a product is Built On Now, it pushes forward the mission of ServiceNow to create better work experiences for everyone by simplifying how things work. It also means that the app is natively built on the Now platform and is intended primarily for ServiceNow customers. Being Built On Now is a sure sign that a product being offered in their store will integrate seamlessly to a customer’s instance and getting off the ground initially will be swift.

Any app on the ServiceNow store can be Built On Now, but there are just a few requirements for a product to be admitted as one:

  • All Built On Now product creators must be a certified Technology Partner in good standing with ServiceNow.

  • Built on Now apps are subject to higher security standards and are subject to additional scrutiny during the certification process

  • Can your application be accessed through ServiceNow? This ensures the product does not use an external access system.

  • Is the product making use of the business logic within ServiceNow?

  • Is the UX/UI of the product created in the ServiceNow environment?

Why does it matter?

We at Bravium are proud to display the Built On Now badge on the Best Practice Engine’s store page. While there are many useful products on the ServiceNow store, officially being Built On Now is important for several reasons. The vetting process involves deep evaluation which points to the quality of a Built On Now app and notifies potential customers that it is recognized as an extension of the platform to better meet additional use cases. Additionally, Built On Now apps ensure a higher security caliber. Last but not least, being Built On Now is a clear symbol that a product is simple to use in one’s ServiceNow instance.

Looking for a better way to govern your custom development in ServiceNow? The Best Practice Engine will help you manage technical debt, improve delivery velocity, and reduce the risk of errors being created in your instance on a proactive basis. Visit our Best Practice Engine page here.

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